Rayzor's Edge

21 / Male / straight / ♉

Hey there and welcome to my little blog where I post Homestuck, Korra, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Pokemon, and whatever stuff I see on my dash that I like :D

I'm the kind of person whom fate has smiled greatly upon. I have the greatest friends in the world, all over the world. Be it here in California, or other states in the country, or even around the world in England, Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, and Spain. I've seen and been through so much because of them, and I love them all with all my heart

Trickster Roxy and Caliope

Unknown Dirk (not really unknown, but I didn’t catch a name or anything from my friends)

Unknown Kankri

Unknown Eridan

Unknown Jake, Nepeta, Aranea, Doze. Aradia


Remember, if you see yourself, or someone you know, let me know who you/they are so I can credit them on their/your amazing cosplay