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I'm the kind of person whom fate has smiled greatly upon. I have the greatest friends in the world, all over the world. Be it here in California, or other states in the country, or even around the world in England, Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, and Spain. I've seen and been through so much because of them, and I love them all with all my heart

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What are you so afraid of!?

I’m REALLY sorry but it looks like they’re about to rap battle

That’s exactly what I thought, too


Elsa:Hey nice hairMs. Curly ass froYou’re out of controlMine is slick like the snowYour right it’s petty to justfocus on your lookShould we focus on talent'cause we know you can't cookGo ahead and threaten me with yourlittle wooden weaponBut not even a bear cankeep me from steppin’
Up on your turf ‘cause I’m straight rippin’ from NarniaAnd if you walk out the door nowI promise no harm to ye’.
Merida:That’s richcoming from a from a Frozen ass bitch
I don’t even need my bowto deal with this sitch’
I didn’t realise you started rapping'cause I thought we kept it classyWith the noises coming out your mouthI thought it was your sister being gassy!
You’ll destroy yourselfby keepin’ everything insideYour powers can’t be controlled ‘causeyour sick in the mind!
Both parents are dead!Now you’re ill in the head -If I didn’t know better I’d say you hated red -Hair! Cause you changed your sisDidn’t notice till now but your fate is thisTo be upstaged by we the new dominate raceI guess people like us better b/c gingers are running this place.
Elsa:Don’t pop your topyou unreasonable scotIf you weren’t so selfish then you’d’ve not
turned your mom to a bearhow the hell is that fair?At least when I try and change peopleI only change their hair!
If you say you can go change your fateBut I know the only reason you say you canIs cause you suck at choosing a date!
Merida:Don’t bring up dates to me, ai’ght'Cause your sister knocked down two me in two nights!
And yet there you are up in your castle aloneHope you don’t get frostbite sweetie just from sitting on your throne!
Once you look inside yourself you’ll realise your a shamNot an actual royal specimen like I am.
And now you  understand I’ve just kicked your ass, sotake my solemn advice dear.And let it go.

You read the beginning and outro in the voice and you know you did
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I just spent like 30 seconds straight trying to understand what was so special about “The unthe unthe uthe unhe un”

“The unthe unthe uthe unhe un”

why does that gif even exist 
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The winter solider in a Nutshell
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an animal crossing piece I did awhile back for the ACNL anthology! Isabelle selfies! B)
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